Discovering what has been silenced: Teaching about the Italian participation in the Civil War and the experience of the bombings

November 30 - December 1, 2023

This workshop is the result of the development of a stable work space integrated by several researchers and institutions from Spain and Italy that seek to reflect on the memory of the Italian participation in the bombings of towns and cities during the Spanish Civil War. It aims to improve knowledge on this matter and to address the issue of reparations and recognition. After a first meeting in Gernika in 2022, this workshop is now open for teachers and other professionals working with the didactics of the social sciences throughout a collaboration with the Institute of Professional Development of the University of Barcelona.

Information and inquiries
+34 934035172


Granollers (November 30, 2023)
Can Jonch. Centre de Cultura per la Pau
Barcelona (December 01, 2023)
Universitat de Barcelona
Edifici Històric – Sala de Graus

Organized by the EUROM – University of Barcelona’s Solidarity Foundation, Town Hall of Granollers – Can Jonch Culture Center for Peace, and the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation.