Jordan Mechner découvrant les films faits par les enfants, exposés dans l’ancien réfectoire / Jordan Mechner discovering the films made by the children, exhibited in the former refectory 
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Meeting with Jordan Mechner

After a guided tour of the house which deeply moved him, the designer of the famous video game Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner …

Seminarios en el extranjero

Seminars abroad

Each year, the Maison d’Izieu organises in partnership with Yad Vashem (Israel) and Auschwitz (Poland) training seminars …

Arte, memoria y espacio público - Fundación Museo de la Paz de Gernika

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How could we portray what has disappeared, what is no longer there, what is absent and has been erased by time? How to explain horror, a trauma whose description only in words will never do it justice? …

Seminario Bombardeos en Euskadi

Seminar Bombings in Euskadi

Months before the military coup, the rebels had already requested military aid from Mussolini and after the coup from Hitler.