Beyond the Witness. Primo Levi and the Statute of Testimony

November 7-8, 2019

On the occasion of the centenary of Primo Levi’s birth, the Fossoli Foundation aims to initiate a reflection on his role as a witness and the influence his work has had in shaping the memory of deportation and discourse surrounding that phenomenon. The conference will feature prominent scholars and historians taking turns in three sessions to address various themes: from Levi’s reflections on the experience of deportation, starting from the Fossoli Camp as a real and symbolic place, to the theme of testimony and the assertion of a testimony’s status. Furthermore, the relationship between literature and testimony, reality and imagination, through the comparison of some works; the transformations of the figure of the witness and their account after Primo Levi’s passing; the relationship between memory and literature; the educational transmission of Levi’s reflections.