Oficina del Parlamento Europeo en Barcelona y EUROM- Día de Europa, 9 de mayo de 2023

European Parliament, Liaison Office in Spain – Barcelona and EUROM- Europe Day

9 May 2023

Pioneer Women of the European Union

The exhibition ‘Pioneer Women of the European Union’ is a tribute to ten exceptional women who contributed to the development of the Europe we know today. Resistance fighters and Holocaust survivors, outstanding professionals in the political, scientific and cultural spheres, these women inspired today’s European Union. Many of them strove to put an end to the horrors of two world wars and promoted the fundamental values of the EU, both from the European institutions themselves and from political activism. Some, in fact, came to preside over the European Parliament, being an example of leadership and commitment. All of them defended the European values of equality, freedom, democracy, solidarity, diversity and respect for human rights.