The bombing of Gernika through Twitter

March-April 2012

In collaboration with EITB (the Basque Television), the Gernika Peace Museum and the Documentation Centre on the bombing of Gernika, they recreated that 26 April 75 years ago through ten characters, imagining how they would have told the story with the medias available today. The lehendakari Agirre, General Emilio Mola or Colonel von Richtoffen, the journalist George L. Steer or the inhabitants of Gernika, Andone Bidaguren, Luis Iriondo or Mateo Malaxetxeberria are some of the people who, through Twitter, relived all the hours of that day that went down in history. Users were able to follow the entire conversation on or by following the Twitter hashtag #gernika75.

In this recreation of the tragedy, you can follow step by step the course of that black day from the early hours of the morning, the quiet of the afternoon interrupted by the noise of the planes, until darkness covered a Gernika shattered by bombs.